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Super Boost System


The purpose of the Super Boost system is none other than to save time when boosting a card. The end result is the same as if the card is boosted using the traditional method.

By using the Super Boost system all attributes of the card can be boosted from their current level to their maximum level with a single click.

All the resources needed to reach the maximum level in all the attributes of the card (level, skill, warriors, wizards and serfs) will be consumed.

Two different Super Boost systems are available.

Basic Boost

Basic Boost

This option only consumes basic resources (food, wood and stone) plus a fee of 5 skill potions (green).

Mega Boost

Mega Boost

This option uses a combination of resources to enhance the menu.

It starts by consuming Soul Crystal for the most part (2000 points each).

The remaining points are added through the consumption of Magic Potions (1000 points each).

The remaining points are added by consuming basic resources (1 point each 1:1:1 combination).


This method does not imply the payment of a fee. Only the resources necessary to enhance the charter are consumed.


15% of the Soul Crystal consumed participates in the daily distribution of Soul Crystal among the owners of NFTs Game Art (GrisVisa edition).