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Welcome, quester, to the fantastic world of Rada!


Join us on an adventure where you can collect and trade NFT cards while completing games and quests.


Accept our challenge and power up your most valuable cards to defeat your enemies and earn the most valuable rewards.


Join a clan, or start your own, and grow your fortune by expanding and upgrading your production buildings.


Or become an investor and get some well-deserved passive rewards for your contribution to the community!

Increase your luck in the game by collecting Game-Art!


Become a project investor. With Game Art cards you can receive passive income and special prizes every day when you log into the game.

Gain a competitive edge as a player by accumulating luck points with Game Art cards.

Limited edition NFTs!

Don’t miss out on your advantage!

Get your Shard packs!
 10 Preminted NFTs

              (Random content)


The TARUK token is intended to help finance the development of the project. As a thank you, with the purchase of TARUK tokens you will be able to participate in the distribution of the game\’s reward pool (payments in WAX)

Purchase TARUK
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