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The Fantasy Game About Rada Tales Build Your Empire m Strengthen Your Deck A Fantasy Trading Card Game Coming Soon in WAX

About Rada Quest TCG

Rada Quest is a multiplayer and free-to-play online game that is still under development. The game style is about tradings cards and building. The theme of the game are the adventures of epic fantasy, sword and sorcery. The illustrations on the cards recreate fantasy scenes with courageous warriors and beautiful sorceresses. There is also place for monsters. The game includes a real-time strategy system on resource generation, building construction and development of a skill tree. However, the main body of the game is the creation of a deck of powerful cards to compete against other players or against the creatures of the game at events.

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The TARUK token is intended to help finance the development of the project. As a thank you, with the purchase of TARUK tokens you will be able to participate in the distribution of the game’s reward pool (payments in WAX)

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Buying illustrations of the game and Taruk tokens helps to finance the project and also increases your chances of getting the best cards when opening the packs (up to 25%).