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About Rada Quest: A Thrilling Web3 Fantasy Epic Collectible Card Game

Welcome to Rada Quest, an immersive web3 collectible card game set in the captivating world of epic fantasy. Embark on a journey where players can collect stunning cards while engaging in strategic battles and combat. Dive into the realm of Rada, where stories of adventure and heroism await!
Rada Quest TCG

The Origins of Rada Quest TCG

Rada Quest TCG draws inspiration from the epic fantasy novel "The Rise of the Races," penned by the talented writer Marcos DK. As he shared his character illustrations on social networks, a vision for an extraordinary card game began to take shape. In the early stages of development, the project was initially hosted on Steem, a blockchain-powered social network. However, due to the platform's limitations, the project later found its new home on WAX Blockchain, where it continues to thrive to this day. This move to WAX Blockchain provided a more suitable environment for gamification and further enhanced the game's potential. Combining Marcos DK's programming and system administration expertise with his passion for storytelling and artwork, Rada Quest TCG embarked on an exciting journey in the world of blockchain gaming.

Unveiling the Game: A Sneak Peek

Rada Quest TCG is a captivating strategy game that invites players to gather resources and collect cards of varying rarities and stages of evolution. Enhance your cards by utilizing the resources you acquire, and construct powerful decks that will give you the edge in battles. Obtain resources by managing buildings, participating in thrilling mini-games, and engaging in events that unfold within the game's immersive world.

Acquiring Cards: Unleash Your Collecting Skills

Discover a variety of ways to acquire cards in Rada Quest. Purchase card packs from prominent WAX blockchain marketplaces to expand your collection. Alternatively, test your skills and dedication to earn exclusive in-game rewards. Keep an eye out for rare cards that can only be obtained as in-game treasures, adding a touch of excitement to your card collecting endeavors.

The Social Fabric of Rada: A Kingdom Divided

As a new player, you assume the role of a "Renegade" from distant lands, driven by the desire for fortune within Rada's kingdom. However, Rada is a land divided, with factions and clans vying for supremacy and survival. Renegades initially have access to basic resource-generating buildings like farms, sawmills, and quarries. To progress further, players must choose a faction, join an existing clan, or establish their own, unlocking additional building types and expanding their opportunities.

Factions: Light and Shadow

Rada is torn between two powerful factions: Light and Shadow. The deck is divided along these faction lines. While players have the freedom to mix cards from both factions, they receive attribute bonuses only when their entire hand consists of cards from their chosen faction. Explore the nuances of faction allegiance and strategically craft your deck to unleash the full potential of your cards.

Join Rada Quest TCG and immerse yourself in a world of adventure, strategy, and collectible card mastery. Unleash the power of your cards, conquer the challenges that await, and shape your destiny in this web3 fantasy epic!