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Evolve Cards

Cards will reach their greatest expression of power through evolution.

There are two stages of evolution:

  • Base: natural state in which the cards are created.
  • Extended: Maximum state reached through evolution.

To obtain an extended card, 2 cards of the base version of the same card must be merged.

Evolve Cards: 2 base cards

The result of the evolution will vary depending on the power-up status of the base cards.

If the base cards have not been properly boosted (see "How to boost your cards") the result will be a "dirty" or "imperfect" extended card. The game will warn you of this before performing the evolution:

Caution: dirty extended card

This is an example of a "dirty" extended card:

Evolve Cards: dirty extended card

If the base cards have been properly boosted the result will be a "Perfect Mature" extended card. Note how the number of warriors, wizards and serfs is higher in a "Perfect Mature" card.

Note the blue message that appears to confirm a perfect mature evolution:

Evolve to PM

This is an example of the same extended card but "Perfect Mature":

Evolve Cards: perfect mature extended card

  • The evolution of a card is irreversible. Once a card has been evolved, it cannot be reverted to its base state.
  • The base cards used in the evolution will be destroyed.

It is advisable to correctly boost the base cards before performing the fusion to obtain the best advantages in combat and also to obtain an advantage in the sale offers of our cards in secondary markets; Perfect Mature cards will be more appreciated than imperfect ones.

In addition, Perfect Mature cards will be much more profitable in case of recycling.