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How to Boost Your Cards

Card attributes

The strength of the cards depends on the combination of several factors: their power, their level and the number of their troops (warriors, wizards and serfs). This strength is modified by the card's own ability which will allow you to differentiate between cards specialized in attack, defense or looting.

The number of levels that a card can be upgraded depends on its rarity and its evolution status, as shown below:

  • Common:
    • Base: 1-50
    • Extended: 1-70
  • Rare: -Base: 1-80
    • Extended: 1-100
  • Ultra-Rare:
    • Base: 1-90
    • Extended: 1-120
  • Legendary:
    • Base: 1-110
    • Extended: 1-180

As we increase the level of a card, its ability to use its skill and to carry troops increases according to this formula

Boosting formula

  • PB = Base Points according to rarity
  • IB = 1%
  • IPM = 10% if EXT PM, 5% in all other cases
  • PW = Power of the card
  • N = Level to calculate
  • T= Total levels

Base Points according to rarity:

  • Common: 100
  • Rare: 200
  • Ultra-Rare: 400
  • Legendary: 800
  • Cards are generated at level 1 with fully units in each combat attribute (attack, defense and looting).
  • When leveling up, the amount of units of the previous level is retained.
  • This calculation lacks the addition of the skill attribute. See next section.
  • To achieve the maximum attack, defense or looting level, the card must have the full number of troops allowed in the corresponding attribute. If your maximum attack is 10,000 but you only have 500 warriors, your real attack will be 500 points.

Skill modifiers

Cards have a skill modifier (Skill) that can increase the attack, defense or looting values with 3 possible values. The max value is equal max experience value of the card.

  • Light: up to +1%.
  • Moderate: up to +5%.
  • Strong: up to +10%.

The skill % will proportionally affect the skill attribute level of the card.

How to boost a card

Cards can be boosted by using different ingredients:

  • Basic resources: Food, wood, stone.
    • Combined always at 1:1:1
    • 1 level points per primary resource unit (combined).
  • Magic potions:
    • Purple: Experience power
    • Green: Ability power
    • Red: Attack power
    • Blue: Defense power
    • Yellow: Looting power
    • 1000 level points per potion
  • Soul Crystal:
    • Universal Booster (for any attribute)
    • 2000 level points per Soul Crystal

To enhance an attribute of a card, click on the color bar of the attribute. The following modal will open:

Boosting Modal

We can select the type of resource to be consumed to enhance the chart:

  1. basic resources (1 point per unit of combinated resources)
  2. Magic potion. Each attribute has its associated potion (1000 points per potion).
  3. Soul Crystal (2000 points per Soul Crystal).

Depending on the selected resource we will be able to see (4) the available quantity we have of it.

To improve the attribute, drag the progress bar (5) with the mouse.

As we move the progress bar we will be able to see how many points we will raise (6) and what is the maximum number of points (7) we can have according to the level reached (8).

  1. Cancel: Closes the modal without applying changes
  2. Accept: Closes the modal and applies the changes. The attribute will be boosted and the resources used will be subtracted from the player's inventory.

This operation must be carried out for each of the attributes to be enhanced.

If we want to save time and boost all attributes at once we can use the Super Boost System.


Only materials available in the player's game wallet may be used. If the player has materials in his WAX wallet, he must first transfer them to his in-game wallet through the bridge (Inventory section).

Losing troops

During combat, troops may be looted from you by the enemy’s forces, and you must replenish them by consuming resources.

Other modifiers

Cards may have other types of modifiers whose action may be connected to clan membership, possession of special event cards, extraordinary consumables or the equipment of artifacts.

These modifiers may be limited in scope and duration on a case-by-case basis.