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Soul Crystal (SC): Empowering the World of Rada Quest

Introduction to Soul Crystal

Soul Crystal (SC) stands as the core token within the Rada Quest ecosystem, playing a pivotal role as the primary in-game currency.

Key Token Information:

Soul Crystal Distribution

Currently, there has been no initial distribution of Soul Crystal.

Soul Crystal Utility: Powering Your Journey

Soul Crystal finds its purpose in a variety of in-game and out-of-game use cases, enabling players to unlock new possibilities within the Rada Quest universe.

In-game Utility:

  • CPU Renting: Utilize SC for CPU renting to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Card Buying*: Acquire powerful cards using Soul Crystal*.
  • Battle Ticket Purchases: Obtain battle tickets for PvP encounters.
  • Health Recovery: Restore your character's health using Soul Crystal.
  • Fees for Special Card Boosting: Boost the abilities of select cards with SC.
  • Fees for Building Upgrades: Progress your buildings by paying fees in SC.
  • Guild Exclusive Shop (Coming Soon): Explore exclusive offerings within guild shops using Soul Crystal.

Out-of-game Utility:

  • Airdrops: Receive SC through airdrop events.
  • Staking: Stake your Soul Crystal holdings for additional rewards.
  • Trading: Engage in trading activities involving Soul Crystal.

Acquiring Soul Crystal: Unleash Your Wealth

Unleash the potential of Soul Crystal by accessing various methods to acquire it within the Rada Quest realm:

  • In-game Event Rewards: Participate in events to earn Soul Crystal rewards.
  • Recycling Cards: Exchange unwanted cards for Soul Crystal.
  • Airdrops: Benefit from airdrop distributions of Soul Crystal.
  • Daily Rewards: Receive Soul Crystal for logging in and playing regularly.
  • Referral Rewards: Refer new players and receive Soul Crystal rewards.
  • Staking Rewards (Taco Pools): Stake your SC holdings for additional rewards through Taco pools.
  • Trading in Secondary Markets: Engage in SC trading on secondary markets such as Alcor and Taco exchanges.
  • Guild Fees (Coming Soon): Contribute to your guild's growth and earn Soul Crystal rewards.

*Card Buying: Please note that card purchases using Soul Crystal are limited to basic buildings in the game (The Farm, The Sawmill, and The Quarry), as well as exclusive guild member purchases.

By harnessing the power of Soul Crystal, you can elevate your gameplay experience, unlock rare rewards, and shape your destiny within the enchanting world of Rada Quest.

Join the journey, embrace the magic, and let Soul Crystal guide you to glory!