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Rada Quest Guilds


Guilds are not yet available and this is a work in progress, so this information may change.

Players can launch their own Guild or join existing Guilds.

To launch a Guild, a Rada Land card is needed. These cards are assigned to the Light and Shadow factions and are organized into rarities with different attributes (common, rare, ultra-rare and legendary).

Guild membership provides various rights and benefits:

  • The construction of advanced buildings.
  • Obtaining certain upgrades and artifacts for those buildings.
  • Variable bonuses to the production of basic buildings (depending on land rarity).
  • Right to participate in guild events.
  • Right to benefit from guild advantages and/or rewards in guild events according to rankings (variable, depending on land rarity).

Likewise, guild membership also implies some obligations:

  • The guild owner may apply a ownership fee to guild members ranging from 0% to 20% of the member's production of basic buildings. This fee will be assigned at the owner's discretion and will be limited by the rarity of the land.
  • If players leave a guild, they will not lose the guild buildings constructed but their production will stop until they rejoin a new guild.
  • If players leave a guild, they will not be able to participate in guild events until they rejoin or join a new guild. The player may not join another guild until 24 hours after leaving the previous guild.


Owning a land will entitle the player to launch a Guild and become its owner and administrator.

As administrators, they will be able to set some parameters:

  • Tax collection.
  • Participation in guild events.
  • Minimum requirements to participate in the distribution of rewards in these events.

The lands will be distributed as NFTs, and organized in this way:

  • 1000 lands for the Light faction
  • 1000 lands for the Shadow faction

For each faction (Light and Shadow) there will be:

  • 20 legendary lands
  • 100 ultra-rare lands
  • 200 rare lands
  • 680 common lands

The rarity of the lands will affect the guild bonuses, the rewards obtained in guild events and number of members.