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Magic Potions

Rada Quest is a game set in the epic fantasy adventures of sword and sorcery. The game could not be complete without magic potions. In Rada Quest, magic potions are used to boost the power of your cards. They are also used to heal your heroes and to recover your energy.

  • Symbol:

    • PURPOT (Experience Potion. Color Purple)
    • GREPOT (Skill Potion. Color Green)
    • REDPOT (Strong Potion. Color Red)
    • BLUPOT (Mana Potion. Color Blue)
    • YELPOT (Loot Potion. Color Yellow)
  • Issuer: radaquesttcg

  • Smart Contract: tarukofficer

  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 (each potion)

Magic Potions Use Cases

  • Boost card atributtes (1000 points each potion)
  • Recovery health
  • Fees for special activities in the game

How to get Magic Potions