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Soul Crystal Daily Airdrop

Game account is not required to participate in the airdrop. You can participate with any WAX account.

Everyday a snapshot will be taken on Game Art NFTs to calculate the luck multiplier and total rewards for collecting Rada Game Art NFTs.

Everyday 70,000 Soul Crystals will be added to the rewards jackpot.

15% of the Soul Crystals collected from in-game purchases will be added to the rewards jackpot.

Soul Crystal Daily Airdrop


The distribution will take place among the 14,000 NFTs from the “GrisVisa” exclusive and limited edition.

Distribution will take place once every 24 hours.

How to participate

Collect at least 1 Rada Game Art NFT from the “GrisVisa” collection.

Every card get at least 5 Soul Crystal (depending on the fees collected from in-game purchases)


There is no limit* to the number of NFTs you can collect. The more NFTs you collect, the more tokens you will get.

*The issue limit is 14,000 NFTs.

How to collect

You can collect the NFTs from the “GrisVisa” collection by purchasing Game Art shards:


Get more info about Game Art collection here.