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Player Health

Player health is conformed by two attributes:

  • Adrenaline
  • Stamina

Adrenaline is necessary for combat. When we attack an enemy (another player or NPC) we consume adrenaline points.

Stamina is the vital essence, the energy to move forward. It will be necessary in events that require moving around a map or scenario.

Each player starts with a starting amount of 250 points of each attribute.

Players will be able to gain health points by leveling up or as a reward in events. Thanks to these health points, players will be able to increase their adrenaline or stamina capacity

Rada Quest TCG

Health exhaustion

Health attributes are exhausted when they are used.

For example, in The Coliseum, each time a player challenges another player, he consumes as many adrenaline points as the sum of the Power value of his front line cards (attack line).

Once the adrenaline or stamina points have been consumed, it is no longer possible to continue performing the action for which they were necessary, such as launching a challenge in The Coliseum. It will be necessary to recharge the attribute.

We can find in different places of the game the icon that takes us to the window to recover health. In the case of The Coliseum we will be able to see the icon (heart) among the player’s information data. By clicking on the icon we can see the current state of both attributes.

Recovering Health

The health recovery window shows us the current information of our health status (1). How much adrenaline/stamina we have (current) and how much we can have as maximum.

We can recover energy (adrenaline/stamina) in several ways:

  • Waiting. Energy recovers by itself 1 point every 2 minutes.
  • Consuming potions (2). Each attribute requires a type of potion. Adrenaline requires strength potions (red) and stamina requires mana potions (blue). Each potion recharges 25% of the maximum. That is, if the maximum is 400 points, 1 potion recovers 50 points regardless of the current state of consumption.
  • Consuming Soul Crystal (3). The Soul Crystal can be used to recharge any of the attributes. 1 Soul Crystal recovers 50% of the maximum capacity. In the above example (400 Max), 1 Soul Crystal recovers 200 energy points of the selected attribute.

Do not forget to click on the “Save” button (5) to confirm the recharge!