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How to Level Up as a Player

Most of the activities in the game generate experience points. Participate in as many as you can to accumulate points as quickly as possible.

  • Building upgrades: Each time you level up a building you gain experience points according to the table that you can consult on the page of each building.

  • Harvesting: Each time you harvest the production of a building you generate as many points as the level of the building.

  • Participation in mini-games: Each game in a mini-game generates 1 experience point.

  • Participation in Coliseum: Each match won in the Coliseum generates 1 experience point.

  • Card evolution: Each perfect evolution (PM) generates 1 experience point.

  • Card recycling: Each recycling of a PM Extended card generates 1 experience point.


As more features are added to the game, the ways to earn points will expand as well.


Keep an eye out for temporary experience boosting events that will be announced on our official channels. You will be able to gain more experience during these periods.