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About your Headquarters

The Headquarters (Chiefdom) is the administration center of your fiefdom. From here you will manage your production resources and keep track of your status as a player.
Rada Quest TCG

The overview shows all buildings owned by the player. The control panel of each building can be accessed by clicking on its icon.



This is the main building. It shows the player's current status and properties.

  • Player level: Depends on the points earned.
  • Current points: Points accumulated so far.
  • Points to next level: Points needed to reach the next player level.
  • Production bonus: % increase in production of buildings. Depends on player level.
  • Rampart Defence: % defense against enemy attacks in pvp and other events. Depends on player level.

A summary of the production of the basic resources is also shown.

  • Units/minute production: The number of units produced per minute.
  • Storage capacity: The maximum number of units that can be stored in each building.

Upgrade your buildings and participate in events to gain experience points and level up! Each time you level up you will receive some gifts as a reward.

The Farm

The Farm is the main building for the production of food.

More info: The Farm

The Quarry

The Quarry is the main building for the production of stone.

More info: The Quarry

The Sawmill

The Sawmill is the main building for the production of wood.

More info: The Sawmill


Resource production is not instantaneous. It takes time to produce the resources. The production rate is displayed on the control panel of each building. Level up as a player to speed up production time.


As a general rule, buildings will stop producing when their warehouses are full. Production must be withdrawn to the player's in-game wallet for the building to continue producing.

As a general rule, a building's production cannot be collected until its warehouse is full.


More buildings will be added over time. Improvements may be added to existing buildings.