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Upgrade to Version 1.1.1

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Marcos DK


Rada Quest has been updated to version 1.1.1 which includes the following new features:

New reward system for leveling up as a hero.

Players will receive 10,000 * (level) basic resource units (food, wood and stone) for each level reached and also will receive 5,000 Soul Crystal and 1x Booster Pack as a reward when they reach the following levels 12, 18, 22, 25 and 28.

Direct NFT reward for Medal Chest

From now on, the special Medal Chest reward card will be delivered directly, without a ticket.

Share your victory in the Coliseum

Players will be able to share the result of their victory in the Coliseum (once a day) and earn rewards

  • A Twitter account is required to share the result.
  • It can only be shared once a day.
  • A reward of 5 medals will be given to open the Medal Chest.
  • Both the player who shares the result and the defeated player receive the reward.
  • Rada Quest performs a Twitter scan to check the existence of the tweets so it may take several minutes to receive the reward.

New boosters in the Coliseum

Players will be able to randomly receive some modifiers that will affect their results in the Coliseum temporarily.

Other improvements

We have corrected some minor bugs and improved some processes.

We have also made some minor changes in improving the game interface.

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