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Rada Quest TCG - Player Quest System

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Marcos DK

Rada Quest TCG - Player Quest System

Players in Rada Quest TCG can earn rewards by completing a series of tasks in the game. The aim of this system is to encourage participation in activities to mobilize all the game's assets. Additionally, players have the option to purchase Quests they cannot complete in exchange for a payment made in Soul Crystal. This purchase option will help reduce the Soul Crystal market stock, thereby strengthening its price. Missions are categorized into daily and weekly missions.

Daily Cycle

The cycle lasts 24 hours and resets at the daily reset time of the game (14:00 CEST). All completed missions will reset. To receive the reward for completing the group of missions, all daily missions must be completed.

Missions and Rewards

  • Card Evolve: Complete a perfect evolution (base cards must be fully powered before evolution). The rarity of the cards does not matter.
    • 50,000 food units
    • 20 experience points
  • Card Recycle: Recycle a Perfect Mature Extended card (the card must have been obtained by a perfect evolution). The extended card does not need to be powered to complete the mission, but it is recommended as the player will receive more Soul Crystal in return.
    • 50,000 wood units
    • 20 experience points
  • Soul Collector: Accumulate 500 Soul Crystals from recycling cards. It is not necessary to obtain them from a single card. Each recycled card will add points.
    • x10 Skill Potions
    • 50 experience points
  • Play Gems: Obtain a minimum of 5,000 points in a Gems mini-game match.
    • 50,000 stone units
    • 20 experience points
  • Gladiator: Win 10 battles in the Coliseum
    • x5 Credits
    • 20 experience points
  • Card Collector: Open a card pack or ticket.
    • x10 Strong Potions
    • 20 experience points
  • Master of Gems: Accumulate 100,000 points in Gems mini-game matches.
    • x1 Ultra-Rare card ticket
    • 50 experience points

Group Reward

  • 100 Soul Crystal
  • 500 experience points
  • x1 Base Pack

Weekly Cycle

The cycle lasts 7 days. The daily reset time is taken into account to determine the start of each 1-day period. All completed missions will reset at the start of the weekly cycle. All missions in the group must be completed during the weekly period to receive the special group reward.

Missions and Rewards

  • Evolution Fever: Complete 15 perfect card evolutions. The rarity of the cards does not matter.
    • 500,000 food units
    • 100 experience points
  • Harvesting: Harvest the production of buildings 3 times. It can be the same building or a combination of several.
    • x10 credits
    • 50 experience points
  • Builder: Level up one of your buildings. It does not matter which building.
    • 500,000 wood units
    • 50 experience points
  • Daily Worker: Complete at least 5 full cycles of daily missions.
    • x1 Rare Card Ticket
    • 100 experience points
  • Soul Master: Accumulate 3,000 Soul Crystals recycling cards.
    • 500,000 stone units
    • 100 experience points
  • Gems Domination: Accumulate 1,000,000 points in the Gems mini-game
    • x1 Booster Pack
    • 100 experience points

Group Reward:

  • 250 Soul Crystal
  • 500 experience points
  • x1 Legendary Card Ticket

Purchase of Missions

Each group of missions has a predetermined price.

  • Daily Quests: 5,000 Soul Crystal
  • Weekly Quests: 10,000 Soul Crystal

The complete group or individual Quests can be purchased. The price of each Quest varies depending on how many are left to complete. It is not a linear system. Each completed Quest reduces the group's price by 5%. The price of each Quest will be calculated by dividing the group's price by the remaining Quests. Note: There may be variations in the final price due to rounding.


If the group costs 5,000 Soul Crystal and there are 5 Quests, each Quest would cost 1,000 Soul Crystal. If one Quest is purchased, the group's price will reduce by 5% -> 4,750 Soul Crystal. Each of the remaining 4 Quests would cost approximately 1,187 Soul Crystal.

This system is intended to encourage players to actively complete missions while still giving them the option to purchase them.