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· 3 min read
Marcos DK

nomercy No Mercy for Deserters! Prepare for Epic Battles in Rada Quest TCG

Ahoy, brave warriors, valiant mages, and cunning thieves! The campaign in Rada Quest TCG rages on until the dungeon guardian raises their hand in a truce, allowing you to tally up your final scores, collect glorious rewards, and mend your battle scars. But beware, for the battlefield is a merciless and bloody domain. There's no room for mercy towards the defeated or the traitors who abandon their ranks. Should you dare to flee, the fury of Rada's mighty dragons will lay waste to all the spoils you fought so hard to win.

· 5 min read
Marcos DK

Introducing the New Daily Quest System in Rada Quest: Embark on Exciting Adventures and Win Amazing Rewards!

Daily Quests

Welcome to Rada Quest, the ultimate collectible and tradable card game that offers a captivating experience to players. In our ongoing quest to provide the most comprehensive gameplay, we are thrilled to introduce the brand-new Daily Quest system. Prepare yourself for endless fun as you complete daily quests across various sections of the game while earning exciting rewards.