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About the Game Art Collection

Game Art NFTs are not game cards!

Game Art NFTs are not game cards. They are not used to play the game.

Game Art NFT edition is a collection of NFTs that can be collected by players. Each NFT is a piece of art about Rada world that can be used as a collectible item or as a trading card.

What is the Game Art collection?

Rada Quest is a blockchain-based game that requires a large investment for its development. Prior to the launch of the first version of the game, the Game Art collection was deployed with the main purpose of raising funding for that purpose.

However it is not just a collection of NFTs of game art. Our goal is that everything related to our ecosystem brings satisfaction to its owner. That is why we have endowed the NFTs in the Game Art collection with features that make them very valuable.

Why Game Art NFTs?

As an owner of NFTs from the Rada Quest Game Art Collection you will enjoy several advantages:

  • Collect beautiful illustrations inspired by Rada's universe, minted in very limited editions (up to 500 copies per NFT).

  • Participate in the daily airdrop of Soul Crystal tokens.

  • Accumulate luck points that will facilitate your experience in the game and increase your chances of winning in-game rewards or your luck to get rare cards by opening packs.

  • Participate in rewards for daily login.

How to collect Game Art NFTs?

You can collect the NFTs from the Game Art collection (includes "GrisVisa" edition) by purchasing Game Art shards and by merge them to get the final Game Art NFTs:

Buy Shard Packs

Price: 20$

- Atomic Hub
- NFT Hive
- NeftyBlocks


- x10 random shards
Shard Packs

Merge Shards


You can also get shards or complete NFTs by trading with other players directly or through secondary markets.


The Game Art collection is divided into 2 editions:

  • GrisVisa edition: Cute art created by the artist GrisVisa. This edition is limited to 28 models and 500 NFTs per model.
  • MarcosDK edition: Art created by the artist MarcosDK. This edition is limited to 30 models and up to 300 NFTs per model.

Each NFT is accompanied by information about its author as well as the way of calculating the luck points it awards.