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The Rada Quest Exchange is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the seamless movement of your valuable in-game items between your game wallet and blockchain wallet. Whether you possess credits, potions, or hard-earned materials, this exchange empowers you to effortlessly transfer them to your Wax Wallet.

But the flexibility doesn't end there! You can also transfer items in the opposite direction, moving assets from your WAX wallet back into your Rada wallet.

To initiate a transfer, simply navigate to the inventory section and select the desired item. This action triggers the opening of the exchange window, where you'll find a comprehensive overview of your item's quantities in both your game wallet and Wax wallet.

Rada Quest Exchange

Next, specify the precise amount you wish to transfer and designate the destination wallet. It's worth noting that if the transfer quantity exceeds your available stock, the system will promptly notify you, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Beneath the selection tabs for destination wallets, you'll find essential information regarding the commission fees associated with the transfer, as well as the minimum amount required for successful movement.

With the Rada Quest Exchange, managing your valuable game items has never been easier. Experience the convenience of seamless transfers and unlock a new level of control over your virtual assets.

Rada Quest Exchange