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No Mercy for Deserters! Prepare for Epic Battles in Rada Quest TCG

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Marcos DK

nomercy No Mercy for Deserters! Prepare for Epic Battles in Rada Quest TCG

Ahoy, brave warriors, valiant mages, and cunning thieves! The campaign in Rada Quest TCG rages on until the dungeon guardian raises their hand in a truce, allowing you to tally up your final scores, collect glorious rewards, and mend your battle scars. But beware, for the battlefield is a merciless and bloody domain. There's no room for mercy towards the defeated or the traitors who abandon their ranks. Should you dare to flee, the fury of Rada's mighty dragons will lay waste to all the spoils you fought so hard to win.

At Rada Quest TCG, we're committed to providing the best gaming experience for our players. We've crafted a vibrant and competitive environment where warriors do not prey on one another. We strongly discourage any dishonorable tactics, such as using multiple accounts or trading battle cards between them. Such conduct taints the fun for our honest players seeking thrilling adventures.

We understand the importance of balance among players with similar strengths to avoid the frustration of being overwhelmed by powerful adversaries or the monotony of facing beginners. To achieve this, we've implemented a category-based system that proportionally groups players based on their scores. These scores reflect the strategic configurations of their attack and defense decks.

We've tirelessly worked on refining the penalty system in the Coliseum, targeting those who taste defeat. Player defeat ratios serve as a measure of their potential for different categories. However, we've observed that the current system falls short when players make drastic changes to their decks, such as leaving them devoid of cards.

Fear not, for we're continuously striving to improve the experience, and we're thrilled to introduce an enhanced penalty system starting from the 4th Coliseum Campaign.

When calculating battle points, we first determine the ratio of difference between the decks of both players, based on their attack and defense values.

If the difference falls below 90%, the following defeat penalties (based on categories) will be applied:

  • Citizen: 100 penalty points
  • Iron: 1000 points
  • Silver: 5000 points
  • Gold: 10000 points
  • Diamond: 20000 points

But if the difference exceeds 90%, it signifies that the challenged player has left their deck to fate, resulting in suffering the full brunt of the opponent's attack.


The defeated player will incur a penalty equal to the full looting value of winner.


That penalty will not be applied to the citizen category.

With this system in place, we aim to deliver an exhilarating Coliseum experience where you face foes with similar capabilities. Simultaneously, those who do not belong to their current category will be relegated to lower tiers, where they rightfully belong.

So sharpen your blades, gather your mightiest spells, and prepare to embark on epic card battles in Rada Quest TCG's Coliseum. No mercy shall be shown, for honor awaits those who dare to conquer!


This system is still in beta, and we'll continue to improve it based on your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates!