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Daily Quest Reward System

· 5 min read
Marcos DK

Introducing the New Daily Quest System in Rada Quest: Embark on Exciting Adventures and Win Amazing Rewards!

Daily Quests

Welcome to Rada Quest, the ultimate collectible and tradable card game that offers a captivating experience to players. In our ongoing quest to provide the most comprehensive gameplay, we are thrilled to introduce the brand-new Daily Quest system. Prepare yourself for endless fun as you complete daily quests across various sections of the game while earning exciting rewards.

Constant Evolution for Engaging Gameplay

As Rada Quest continues to evolve and expand with new content, the Daily Quest system will also undergo changes over time. This ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and dynamic, offering new challenges and rewards to keep players engaged. Be prepared for surprises and exciting updates as we strive to deliver the best gaming experience.

Conquer Daily Challenges and Claim Rewards

In Rada Quest, players can embark on daily challenges and reap their well-deserved rewards. Let's delve into how this exciting feature works:

Completing Daily Challenges

To complete the daily challenges, players must fulfill a minimum number of missions from a wide range of options. Each day, the mission counters reset, and players aim to complete as many missions as possible.

Daily Rewards

Once the minimum requirement is met, players will receive their daily rewards, recognizing their efforts and achievements.

Unlock Additional Rewards

But there's more! By accumulating completed daily missions throughout the month, players have the opportunity to unlock additional prizes.

Set your Goals

We have designed a 30-day timeframe with two milestones to strive for, and their value depends on the required minimum missions.

  1. Half Cycle Milestone: Multiply the minimum missions by 15 to reach this milestone.

  2. Full Cycle Milestone: Multiply the minimum missions by 30 to achieve this significant milestone.

Example of Milestone Rewards

For instance, if the daily minimum requirement is set at 5 missions, you will receive the Half Cycle reward after accumulating a total of 75 missions within the monthly period. Once you reach 150 missions, you will unlock the Full Cycle reward.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to conquer daily challenges and claim fantastic rewards in Rada Quest. Start your journey today!


Each time a player completes the 30-day cycle, his cycle will be reset and all his completed mission markers will be reset as well.

Embark on Thrilling Daily Missions

Prepare yourself for an epic journey as you undertake a variety of daily missions in Rada Quest. Here are some examples of the exciting challenges that await you:

  1. Card Evolution: Perform the evolution of 2 base cards to obtain an extended version. But beware! The extended version must be Perfect Mature to count as a valid evolution. Ensure that you enhance the base cards correctly before completing the evolution process.

  2. Card Recycling: Embrace the challenge of recycling a card. We've raised the bar a bit to make it more engaging. The card you recycle must be a Perfect Mature extended card. Remember, valuable rewards often come at a cost. Prepare yourself for the sacrifice and obtain the precious Soul Crystal.

  3. Gem Master: Show off your gem-combining skills and rack up points. If you surpass the minimum point threshold, you'll secure a daily quest. Additionally, you can accumulate points throughout the day to conquer daily challenges. Don't worry if you don't succeed on your first attempt – every point counts!

  4. Gladiator's Showdown: Strengthen your deck and unleash your skills as you face off against other players in the fierce Coliseum arena. Achieve a specific number of victories to unlock another daily quest in your illustrious history.

  5. Harvest Master: Collect the bountiful harvest from your production buildings, as these resources are vital for various in-game activities, including card enhancement.

  6. Builder Extraordinaire: Accumulate resources and upgrade your buildings to higher levels. Celebrate your progress and revel in the rewards of being an exceptional builder.

  7. Level Up: Experience the thrill of leveling up your headquarters, a momentous achievement that deserves recognition with yet another daily quest in your log.

  8. Open Packs or Tickets: What would a card game be without cards? Open packs and tickets in search of rare and exclusive cards that will enhance your deck, giving you the upper hand in battles.

  9. Soul Crystal Collector: Accumulate Soul Crystals by recycling cards. Reach the required quota for the

  • The list of daily missions will be randomly selected each day.
  • Daily quests are reset at 14:00 UTC.
  • Daily quests are same for all players.

The daily missions are not limited to the ones mentioned above. We will continue to add new missions to the list, so stay tuned for more exciting challenges!

Daily Quest Rewards

The rewards for completing daily quests are as follows:

10Mana Potion
10Skill Potion
10Strength Potion
10Loot Potion
10Experience Potion
25Soul Crystal
50Experience Points

Half Cycle Rewards

The rewards for completing the Half Cycle are as follows:

1Booster Pack

Full Cycle Rewards

The rewards for completing the Full Cycle are as follows:

1Legendary Card Ticket