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Create your WAX Wallet


WAX Blockchain is a leading blockchain thanks to its high speed of transaction processing and the fact that it is free of charge.

However, in order to carry out transactions, users must have a certain amount of WAX in stake that will grant them rights to consume blockchain resources. These rights are reduced with use and are recovered over time.

A minimum of 5 Wax is needed in Stake to ensure that Wallet can have minimal rights to use the blockchain's resources. We recommend a minimum of 50-100 Wax.

What is a WAX Wallet?

A WAX Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to store, send and receive WAX tokens. You can create a free Wax wallet thanks to the wax cloud wallet service.


The vast majority of applications in the WAX ecosystem will use the identification of the Wallet as login process.

How to create a WAX Wallet?

To create a WAX Wallet you must follow the following steps:

  1. Buy Wax in an exchange of your choice. Minimum 5 wax, recommended 100 wax
  2. Go to the WAX Cloud Wallet website. WAX Cloud Wallet
  3. Log in with any of your existing account in social networks as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Steam, etc. (the list may vary depending on the moment of registration).
  4. So that the account has the minimum requirements to operate you must send a transfer of 5 wax from your exchage account to the indicated address (newuser.wax). IMPORTANT: The memo should be added as indicated.

Transfer WAX to complete register


If you did not perform step 1, you can use the links to Coinbase or Moonpay to buy wax

You can send more than 5 wax. The amount you send will be used to make CPU and net Stake and you can recover it at any time. See WAX Resources

  1. Once the transfer is made, you will be redirected to the Wallet page. You can see the balance of your wallet and the resources that are in stake. Welcome to WAX Family!

WAX Cloud Wallet

From this moment you can log in to your WAX wallet through the account you used to create it.


We have recommended buying between 50-100 Wax to be able to deposit them in Stake for CPU and be able to use the blockchain's resources. See next section about resources.