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About WAX Resources

WAX is a high-performance blockchain with free transactions. To avoid abuse or collapse of the nodes that manage the blockchain, a system of buying and auctioning resources has been implemented to make use of the blockchain.

Users will be able to dispose of 3 types of resources:

  • RAM
  • CPU
  • NET

What is RAM?

RAM is a resource that allows you to store data in the blockchain. The more RAM you have, the more data you can store in the blockchain. RAM is consumed when you create a new NFT, when you deploy a new smart contract, etc.

RAM is a resource that can be bought and sold on the internal market of the blockchain. Users do not require a large amount of RAM. The biggest consumers of RAM are smart contracts and accounts that create and mint NFT collections.

tip is the official blockchain explorer. We can use it to perform some operations such as transactions, stake, unstake, buy/sell RAM, etc.


What is CPU?

CPU is a resource that allows you to execute smart contracts. The more CPU you have, the more actions you can execute. CPU is consumed when you execute smart contract actions.

CPU measures the processing time of smart contract actions. For each block, the processing time is limited. When the share requests are accumulated on the production nodes to be processed, an auction of the CPU usage cost is performed taking into account the number of transactions trying to be executed. The amount in stake for CPU will determine whether we can afford the cost of the resource or whether we should wait for a time when the demand for activity drops and, with it, the cost of the resource also drops.

If we cannot wait or if CPU shortage problems are very frequent, we should increase the amount of WAX in CPU stake.

Each time the CPU is consumed (by calling smart contract actions) our balance is reduced to the point where we can no longer perform any more operations. The CPU balance recovers over time.


The CPU stake gives us usage rights in proportion to our amount of WAX in stake. It is not a purchase; rather it is a deposit. We will be able to recover the WAX at any time (the unstake takes 3 days to complete).

CPU Stake


If you run out of CPU capacity and need more for a period of time, you can make use of our CPU leasing service from the in-game store.

CPU Stake

What is NET?

NET is a resource that allows you to send transactions to the blockchain. The more NET you have, the more transactions you can send to the blockchain. NET is consumed when you send a transaction to the blockchain.

In most cases, very little WAX is required in stake for NET.