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Rada Quest August statistics

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Marcos DK


Some updates in Rada Quest TCG

During this month we have been working very hard on the next guild update. But, even so, we have had time to prepare a collaboration with Wombat that will begin very soon.

We have also implemented some updates to improve the user experience in Rada Quest.

Card Scarcity

Controlling NFT minting levels has always been one of the main objectives of any project that wants to remain active for a long time, like Rada Quest.

That is why it has been very pleasant for us to be able to verify that our measures to achieve this are having very good results, especially the incentive to recycle game cards.

We have carried out a study of all the NFTs minted by our collection and we have compared their evolution with respect to existing NFTs.

We can see how the creation of NFTs is constant and its graph is in perpetual growth, however, the number of real NFTs remains stable and even tends to deflate.

NFTs minted vs real NFTs

This is a very positive fact, since it means that the number of NFTs in the game is not growing, but rather the opposite, it is very close to decreasing.

Goodbye Wila!

Continuing with our policy of scarcity of NFTs, Wila's template has been sealed after his time in the Medal Chest of The Coliseum.

In total, a total of 523 NFTs of the Base version of this NFT have been minted. This limits the Extended edition to a maximum of 261 NFTs.


Congratulations to the lucky ones who own such a rare collector's card.

Google Stats

Google stats

Highlighted Statistics

Let's delve into some key statistics that reflect the positive impact we're having on the player community.

  1. Active Participation:
  • Games of Gems played: 6.178
  • Coliseum matches: 62.852
    • Battle Tickets purchased: 2.990 tickets
  1. Strategic Enhancement and Recycling:
  • Recycled cards: 1.633
  • Evolved Cards: 2.074

Total cards burned: 5.781

  1. Engaged Community; Purchases paid with Soul Crystal:
  • Battle Tickets purchased: 26.150 SC
  • Building upgrades: 429.200 SC
  • To boost cards: 68.294 SC
  1. Rewards to players!
  • Daily Login: 145.500 SC
  • Daily Quest Complete: 155.750 SC
  • Gems rewards: 20.512 SC
  • Medal Chest rewards: 48.865 SC
  • Recycling Rewards: 127.260 SC

  • Soul Crystal received from players: 523.644 SC
  • Soul Crystal send to players as rewards: 497.887 SC

Farewell, Adventurers, and may the winds of fortune ever favor your path!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our valiant players for the unwavering patronage and unwavering courage you've bestowed upon our realm. Your spirit, akin to a radiant beacon, spurs us onward in our ceaseless quest to enhance and unfold novel wonders.

Stand vigilant, for the chronicles of Rada Quest TCG shall continue to unfurl with enigma and delight. Brace yourselves for a symphony of revelations and marvels yet untold!

Until our next meeting, noble Questers, may your blades remain sharp and your hearts ever bold!