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Rada Quest July statistics

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Marcos DK


Exciting Updates in Rada Quest TCG: July Statistics

July has ignited a firestorm of innovation and achievement in our game, Rada Quest TCG. We're thrilled to bring you a glimpse into the exceptional milestones and progress we've achieved. Keep reading to stay tuned with the freshest updates!

Google Stats

Google stats

Highlighted Statistics

Let's delve into some key statistics that reflect the positive impact we're having on the player community, even though during the month of July we were out of season in the Coliseum for a significant part of the time, which has led to a slight reduction in the statistics.

  1. Active Participation:
  • Games of Gems played: 7.668
  • Coliseum matches: 98.126
    • Battle Tickets purchased: 23.820 tickets
  1. Strategic Enhancement and Recycling:
  • Recycled cards: 1.549
  • Evolved Cards: 1.882

Total cards burned: 5.313

  1. Engaged Community; Purchases paid with Soul Crystal:
  • Battle Tickets purchased: 198.600 SC
  • Building upgrades: 186.100 SC
  • To boost cards: 70.421 SC
  1. Rewards to players!
  • Daily Login: 155.875 SC
  • Daily Quest Complete: 161.750 SC
  • Gems rewards: 27.585 SC
  • Medal Chest rewards: 78.075 SC
  • Recycling Rewards: 124.142 SC

Development Progress

Our journey through the development of the Guilds section continues. This realm will unveil fresh purposes for a medley of resources, herald new constructions, and offer novel paths to engage in the grand tapestry of events. Furthermore, guildmasters shall bask in the glory of rewards, reaping the fruits of their compatriots' devotion. Our hearts resonate with fervor for this nascent chapter, yearning for the moment when all players can partake in its marvels.

Behold, we have also toiled over a bespoke domain, a realm carved within the ethereal expanse of "Blenderizer Tools", exclusive for the valiant warriors of Rada Quest. Through this arcane artifact, champions shall barter shards of game art, tracing the path to comrades who possess what we lack and thirsting for what our surplus can quench.

Farewell, Adventurers, and may the winds of fortune ever favor your path!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our valiant players for the unwavering patronage and unwavering courage you've bestowed upon our realm. Your spirit, akin to a radiant beacon, spurs us onward in our ceaseless quest to enhance and unfold novel wonders.

Stand vigilant, for the chronicles of Rada Quest TCG shall continue to unfurl with enigma and delight. Brace yourselves for a symphony of revelations and marvels yet untold!

Until our next meeting, noble Questers, may your blades remain sharp and your hearts ever bold!