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Use Soul Crystals to rent WAX CPU

Rada Quest TCG offers its players the possibility to rent CPUs to facilitate their activities on the WAX blockchain. In order to have easier access to this option we accept Soul Crystal as a form of payment.


How to obtain Soul Crystal?

    • Rewards for daily login.
    • Rewards in Mini-Games.
    • Recycling game cards.
    • Receiving airdrops for having Game Art NFTs (Cute Version).
    • Buying starter packs (limited).
    • Buying in the market

We offer two rental fees, 100 WAX or 200 WAX, for periods of time depending on the amount in Soul Cristal paid.

The price at the time of writing this article is 0.5 WAX for the 100 WAX batch for one day, and 1 WAX for the 200 WAX batch (Check in the game store for current price).

In the game store you can buy rental time for each of the lots by paying with Soul Crystals in amounts ranging from 100 SC to 1000 SC. The rental period will depend on the exchange value of Soul Crystal at the time of purchase. It is important to note that what is being paid is for the rental time of 100 WAX of CPU or 200 WAX of CPU.

Rent 200 WAX CPU

Example 1:
You pay 1000 SC to rent 200 WAX of CPU.

Price of SC: 0.0063 WAX (assumption)

1000 SC = 6.3 WAX
Rental time = 6.3 / (1 WAX/day) = 6.3 days


You will be renting 200 WAX of CPU for 6.3 days.

Example: Rent 100 WAX CPU

Example 2:
You pay 1000 SC to rent 100 WAX of CPU.

Price of SC: 0.0063 WAX (assumption)

1000 SC = 6.3 WAX
Rental time = 6.3 / (0.5 WAX/day) = 12.6 days


You will be renting 100 WAX of CPU for 12.6 days.


  • You do not need to have an account in the game to be able to rent CPU. It is possible to make the pay through the smart contract.
  • A user account cannot have more than 1000 WAX of CPU rental at a time.
  • The availability of CPUs for rent may vary depending on demand.