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Let’s Talk About Card Evolution!

Hey, questers! We have won 2 legendary cards with great attack power and we want to blend them together to get the extended card.

Ok, here we go. We blend the cards together and this is what I get. Not bad, eh?

However, we did a dirty fusion because the base cards were not properly boosted! To boost the extended card we spent 1,564,343 points (782 Soul Crystals) and we didn’t unlock the full potential of the card.


In order to awaken the card to its maximum perfection (Perfect Maturation) we must, first, boost the base cards to their maximum potential. 751,576 points (x2) In total 1,503,152 points.

Now we get the extended card in its full maturity:

To boost it we need another 1,638,834 points which added to what we spent to boost the 2 base cards is a total of 3,141,986 points (1,571 Soul Crystals). Thanks to that, the Perfect Maturing version has 16,067 more attack points!

Remember the value of resources:

  • 1 Soul Crystal: 2000 points
  • 1 Colour Potion: 1000 points
  • 1 Food + 1 Wood + 1 Stone: 1 point

Collect daily login rewards, play Mini-game tournaments, participate in events on Discord, accumulate Game Art NFTs to receive daily airdrops… Do everything you can to accumulate the more resources the better; you’re going to need them if you aspire to own the most powerful deck in Rada.