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We will briefly explain how to improve card stats, using in-game materials.

We will take Merianna’s card as an example.

The first step is to select one of the bars of the skill we want to improve. By selecting with the mouse, a menu opens that allows us to choose with which material we want to improve the card.

First we see the resources, food, stone and wood, then we see the potions, each bar uses a different potion depending on its color, and finally we can choose the Soul Crystal.

To calculate the materials that we will need, we must know that the Soul Crystal adds 2000 points each, the potions add 1000 points, and the resources will add 1 point when we spend one unit of each of them. The resources will always be spent by taking one of each class, wood, stone and food.

When upgrading a card, a good way to proceed is to spend the Soul Crystal and potions first, and leave the resources for the last level. When we have less than 1000 points left to finish upgrading a skill, it will only let us use the resources, the game prevents us from wasting materials that add up to more points than we need.