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Honor & Glory – Part I

  • This campaign introduces several important new features to the game:
    Chiefdom Opening: Manage your buildings to obtain valuable game resources.
  • Managing the deck of playing cards
    • Card boosts
    • Card Recycling
    • Evolving cards
  • Opening of the in-game shop: Get resources and card packs without leaving the game.

Introducing the first edition of playing cards for Rada Quest. A starter set of 50 basic models and 50 extended models to start a player’s basic deck. These cards are organised into several rarities: Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare and Legendary. In addition, the cards have a power gauge and their own abilities that will create a wide range of possibilities when it comes to organising your deck according to the attributes you are looking for: attack, defence, loot…

These cards will appear in their base version. You will have to put 2 base copies together to merge them and get the extended version of the card whose attributes will be even stronger.

But be sure to boost the base cards first to get an extended card with its full potential!

The start of the campaign comes with 2 types of card packs:

  • Booster pack
    • On sale in the in-game shop.
    • Content: 10 cards.
    • Rarities: Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare and Common.
  • Base pack
    • Not for sale (obtained by rewards).
    • Content: 5 cards.
    • Rarities: Ultra Rare, Rare, and Common.

The rarity ratio % can be improved by accumulating luck points. To do so, the player must keep cards from the previous “Game Art” edition in his wallet. These packs can be purchased in the in-game shop.

Codename: bphonor

Content: 10 cards

Price: 8 $


Total issue: 50,000



Legendary 1%

UltraRare 8%

Rare 20%

Common 71%

Codename: bbhonor

Content: 5 cards

Price: Not for sale. Claimable in rewards


Total issue: open



UltraRare 9%

Rare 20%

Common 71%

How to buy packs: Go to game and login with your WAX account (Anchor or WAX Cloud Wallet). Then go to Shop and pay in WAX.

Other packs and cards will be available during Campaign:

  • Event packs
    • During the campaign events, new limited edition packs of new Legendary and Ultrarare cards will be available for sale.
    • These cards offer their owners the chance to earn better rewards and scores in campaign events.
  • Reward cards
    • New Legendary and UltraRare card models will appear as event rewards. These will be limited editions based on the rankings obtained in the final event rankings.
    • They will only be available through rewards and if the player qualifies for them.

List of Cards

How to get the packs

The packs will be available for purchase in the Rada Quest in-game shop.

The accepted currency is WAX.

You will need a WAX user account and login to the game to access the shop.

Opening system

For each card 2 random numbers are extracted from the hash obtained from WAX-ORNG smart contract.

The ratio of the rarities is multiplied by 20 so the sum of the ratios is 2000.

– Legendary 20
– UltraRare 160
– Rare 400
– Common 1420

First random number is to determine the rarity of the card (1 to 2000). The lower the number, the higher the chance of getting rarities.

The whole value of the player’s current luck is subtracted from the number obtained to increase the chances of higher rarities.

The second random number is used to select the card template according to the rarity previously obtained.