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Gems Mini-Game

Event type:

All-time event. Variable duration (weekly tournaments)

Requires: 1 Credit to enter

Credits (CR) are a fungible token used to pay for mini-games. You need to have Credits in your wallet to be able to participate in the mini-game.


You can get credits:

  • Buying in the Tavern in exchange for WAX (Point 5).
  • Thanks to the daily login rewards.
  • On external marketplaces such as Alcor

Credits (CR) are a token created by tarukofficer smart contract: https://eosauthority.com/account/tarukofficer?network=wax


A variable reward is made up of fixed contributions plus contributions from Credit sales (variable % of sales depending on active mini-games. Max 45%).

Campaign: “The Arrival”

Initial pot for tournament rewards:

  • 10 WAX to Taruk’s pot
  • 3000 Soul Crystals (1000 for each winner)

Tournament Prizes

1st player: 50% WAX Gems mini-game pot + 1000 Soul Crystals

2nd player: 30% WAX Gems mini-game pot + 1000 Soul Crystals

3rd player: 20% WAX Gems mini-game pot + 1000 Soul Crystals

Category Prizes

For all players according to their best score at the end of the tournament (1k = 1000 points)

Gold (>=20k points)

  • Same Soul Crystals as total WAX prize pot
  • 30 Potions (each color)
  • Basic resources: 20k each
  • 1 Booster pack
  • 2 Base packs

Silver (<=15k y < 20k points)

  • 20 Potions (each color)
  • Basic resources 15k each
  • 2 Base packs

Iron (>=10k y < 15k points)

  • 10 Potions (each color)
  • Basic resources 10k each
  • 1 Base pack

Basic resources: Food, wood and stone.

Weekly lottery

Each week a player will be randomly selected from all participants in the tournament. The prize will be announced on the official Discord channel on the first days of the tournament.

The prize can be a WAX blockchain utility or something non-blockchain.

You must be a member of Discord and have a verified account in order to receive the prize.


Note: If the winner is not verified at Discord and does not claim the prize before the end of the next tournament (7 days), it is declared void.

How to play

Gems is a variant of the classic “Jewellery” game which consists of swapping the position of 2 adjacent gems to compose combinations of 3 or more gems of the same color.

The player has 3 minutes to make as many combinations as possible.

To swap the position of 2 gems, click first on one of them and then on the other.

The gems must be adjacent.

If swapping the position of the gems does not result in a combination of 3 or more gems of the same color, the move is undone.

1- Rewards pot

2- Time remaining

3- Tournament info

4- Tournament top players

5- Your actual points

6- Your best tournament score

7- Direct prizes winning in-game

Combo Scores

  • x3 Gems: 10 (x3) points
  • x4 Gems: 20 (x4) points
  • x5 Gems: 50 (x5) points
  • (5 + PlayerLucky)% to get “line” or “column” (Min 5% Max 25%)
    • Full line or column at 50 points each gem
    • x1 same color potion
  • x6 Gems: 50 (x6) points
  • (2.5 + PlayerLucky)% to get super skull-combo (Min 2.5% Max 22.5%)
    • Multiple full lines and columns (x50 points for each gem)
    • 1 extra credit
  • x7 Gems or more: 100 (x7) points
  • (1.25 + PlayerLucky)% to get super Orb-combo (Min 1.25% Max 21.5%)
    • Match same color gems (x100 points for each gem)
    • 5 extra credits

Direct Prizes

The player may receive different prizes during the game depending on the conditions mentioned above.

  • Special prizes
    • 1 Credit if got 1st position
    • 1 Credit if best player score
  • Color potions
  • Extra Credits
  • Soul Crystals


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    k2nao.wam is my wax wallet i love playing Gems. My credits werent credited several times during my daily rewards claim.. Didnt say anything first few times, but every day now when i hit claim. It just spins, like its loading, . Im not credited anything!

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