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Build Deck

Players can select 3 groups of cards from the cards in their inventory:

  • Front line (attack)
  • Back line (defense)
  • Support line

To access the deck editor

  • Through the inventory: Builds
  • Through the Coliseum: Build Deck

Important tips:

  • The front and back lines can have a maximum of 5 cards.
  • The number of cards that can be selected in the support line will vary according to the player’s evolution, 10 being the minimum.
  • Cards with the same template cannot be repeated in the front line.
  • Cards with the same template cannot be repeated in the back line.
  • Each card can only be in one line at a time.
  • The sum of the Pwr points of the cards in the front line cannot exceed the player’s maximum adrenaline.
  • The sum of the Pwr points of the back line cards cannot exceed the player’s maximum stamina.
  • If the player transfers one of the selected cards in any of the lineups to another account, the lineup will be updated without that card.


  • The attack power is calculated with the sum of all the warriors of the cards in the front lineup.
  • The defense power is calculated with the sum of all the mages of the back line cards.
  • The number of serfs available in the front and/or back lines may influence the points or plunder in different events. It will be necessary to consult the information of each event to see how the number of serfs affects it.
  • The usefulness of the front, back and support lines may vary depending on each event.

Build Deck


In this window we can see the current configuration of our front, back and support lines.

To edit the front and back lines, click on the “Edit” buttons (buttons 5 and 6).

The support line is edited by clicking directly on the icons of the cards we want to select and then clicking “Save” to save the configuration (button 8).

  1. Adrenaline: Current/Maximum.
  2. Attack power: Sum of attack points (warriors) of all cards in the front line.
  3. Stamina: Current/Maximum.
  4. Defence power: Sum of defense points (wizards) of all cards in the back line.
  5. Edit front line.
  6. Edit back line.
  7. Selected cards to support line/Max supported cards player can select.
  8. Save support line

The sum of warriors, wizards and serfs is calculated according to the stock of the card, not its maximum value. That is, if the card is not boosted or has lost units (warriors, wizards or serfs) the value will be lower than the possible value of the fully boosted card.


Cards with perfect maturation will be able to carry more troops than cards with imperfect evolution.

Edit (front/back) line

When editing your attack/defense line you must be very careful with the selection of cards. Plan your strategy to achieve an attacking, defensive or looting deck or to obtain a balanced deck.

Pay special attention to the power of the cards as well as their ability attributes and level (attack/defense/loot).

Rada Quest is a collectible card game but it is also a strategy game.

  1. You can see the sum of attack or defense points while selecting cards.
  2. The adrenaline/stamina counter will indicate the adrenaline/stamina points you will consume with the selected cards.
  3. To select a card just click on it in the card list panel. Each time you select a card, all cards of the same template will disappear from the card list to avoid you getting confused and trying to repeat cards in a lineup.
  4. To remove a card from your attack or defense lineup just click on its thumbnail in the right panel.
  5. Don’t forget to click “Save” at the end to save your configuration.