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Booster Packs Loyalty Rewards

Hi Questers!

The Rada Quest team wants to reward the loyalty of our best players, those who, thanks to their purchases, make it possible for this project to continue growing day by day.

For this reason, we have activated the loyalty reward system for the purchases of Booster Packs. You will get a reward according to the number of packs you buy.

Booster Pack Loyalty Promo

Get these rewards:

  • 10 Credits when you buy the 2nd pack
  • 100 Soul Crystal when you buy the 3rd pack
  • 400 Soul Crystal when you buy the 4th pack
  • 1x ticket for an Ultra-Rare card when you buy the 5th pack
  • 1x ticket for a Legendary card when you buy the 6th pack

It is a cyclic system so, once you reach the 6th pack, the counter resets to start again.

Where do I have to buy the packs to get the reward?

We only give rewards on first sale packs, i.e. those packs purchased in the in-game store.
This does not include packs purchased on resale markets such as AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks(*)

*Note: During the presentation of the packs, limited drops were created on AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks. The packs purchased during those campaigns are also valid to receive the rewards.

How to buy packs: Go to game and login with your WAX account (Anchor or WAX Cloud Wallet). Then go to Shop and pay in WAX.

What happens to the packs I have already bought?

The system is retroactive. If you have previously purchased packs and you are entitled to a reward, by the time you read this message, the reward will have already arrived in your game account. Please check it.

I bought 1 pack, what happens if I buy 2 more packs tomorrow?

The counter will be updated to 3 packs in total, so you will get the reward for the 2nd and 3rd pack. If you subsequently buy more packs, the counter will continue to accumulate and deliver the corresponding reward.

I bought packs in the drop from AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks, but I don’t have an account in the game.

Unfortunately we can’t offer you the reward. The retroactive effect is only valid for active players.