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Special and limited NFT edition of Rada Quest Game Art for collectors.


Do you feel lucky?

Try to blend the shards and get one of the two special versions from our collection; realistic or cute.

Which one do you like best?

But wait!

There are limited edition NFTs hidden inside the packs!

Oh, woohoo; you may get a valuable surprise!

Need help?

Let me explain how to open packs and play with blends in-game

  1. Go to “Inventory”
  2. Packs: To open packs
  3. Shards: To merge shards

Merge Your Shards

  1. Select your shards
  2. Merge
  3. Good luck!

Owners of these Game Art NFTs get a slight luck boost in-game depending on card and mint number!

Increase your luck by collecting Rada Quest Game Art. Maximum 20 luck points.

  • Rada Quest collectible NFTs can be purchased in-game store (Shard Packs) and from the AtomicHub store by paying with WAX.
  • WAX is a cryptocurrency on the WAX Blockchain.
  • You can create a user account on WAX Blockchain with WAX Cloud Wallet.
  • You can buy WAX coin on the main cryptocurrency exchanges.